National Watercolor Society Showcases the Very Best

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With a nearly century-old tradition, the National Watercolor Society has seen some great artists. And year after year, the continue to create breathtaking and innovative artwork.

San Pedro is home to the National Watercolor Society Gallery in Uptown Pacific Avenue where it presents its exhibitions, art classes, its permanent collection, and conducts archival work. The gallery and patio are also available for rental for special events.

Parkhurst Galleries Bring World-Class Art to San Pedro

Violet Parkhurst was a remarkable person and artist.

Her seascapes are legendary, collected by more than 5 million people around the world, including four U.S. Presidents, two presidents of China, a King of Saudi Arabia, and many celebrities—Clark Gale was her first admirer.

Parkhurst paintings are on permanent collection in dozens of museums around the world including the China National Museum of Fine Art and the Stockholm Museum. She has also been on exhibit in the Louvre and Prado Museums.