Eliminate Pain & Restore Function with Dr. Brown

Dr. Ja'nae Brown, PT, DPT is San Pedro's outstanding physical therapist who eliminates your pain and restores function to your life.

If you're in pain or struggling with a daily activity, hobby, or sport that you love to do, she can help.

Her treatment is based on one-on-one care and her goal is to restore your function so you can restore your life.

Her offices are located in Absolute Best whole life warehouse.

Latana Salon Is Your Path to Beauty, Healing

Walk into an atmosphere of relaxation and revitalization. Lanta Salon is a perfect retreat for pampering oneself. We service all hairtypes and make it our duty to satisfy each and everyone of our clients. Services include custome haircuts, customized deep conditioning, relaxers and color corrections. We also provide makeup services.

Lanta Salon carry and use sulfate and paraben free products. We are organic color certified and work for the well being of your hair.