lane victory

A Town With a Lot of History

Banning Residence Museum

SS Lane Victory
The Lane Victory is a World War II-era Merchant Marine vessel built in 1945 in San Pedro. Today she is a museum on the LA Waterfront and open for tours. Click here to learn more at

Pt. Fermin Lighthouse
The Pt. Fermin Lighthouse, built in 1874, was the first navigational light into San Pedro Bay, although local interests began petitioning the U.S. government for such a light beginning in 1854.

SS Lane Victory Is Living History on the LA Waterfront

She was born on the LA Waterfront and today she’s a great part of its history, the SS Lane Victory, a Victory class ship that was built in 1945 in San Pedro. The ship served in World War II, Korean, and Vietnam and as a national merchant carrier during the inter-war periods.

Today she’s preserved at the Outer Harbor and open for tours with an informative and moving museum.