The Corner Store Is Historical, Contemporary

The Corner Store interior
The Corner Store exterior
The Corner Store business card

The Corner Store has been on San Pedro's Peninsula since 1947. What was once a dusty run-down market is now the most charming little sunny market/cafe in this cute little neighborhood by the sea. It has the best coffee in town and is now a place for people to meet for tea or coffee and fresh baked pastries.

Clean San Pedro, the organization that keeps San Pedro beautified, was born at The Corner Store and many problems have been solved over a latte and a scone. In fact, it's a great place to meet, whether in a group, just a few, or just two.

Philie B’s Has the Best Pizza and More in the Area

Philie B’s on 6th serves simply the best pizza in the entire area. And if you’re looking for something that a real Italian mother would serve, you’ll find it here. All the recipes are family tested. In fact, they’re family recipes.

Pizza is the starting point for this tasty restaurant.

It begins with the sauce and on the best ingredients. Freshest tomatoes, onions, garlic, parsley, and oregano top homemade dough that’s made fresh daily.

The white pizza, by the way, has gained quite a good reputation.