Oceanic Illuminations Extended Through January 10

Terry DuSoleil Exhibit January 2019

Photography Exhibit by Terry duSoleil
Color and Light Transforms the Ocean Capturing the magical transformation of day to night and night to day through ever changing colors of beaming sun and moonlight on the Pacific horizon at sunset and moonset, “Oceanic Illuminations” delivers unique glimpses of fleeting moments over the Pacific Ocean from the Palos Verdes Peninsula coast.

Extended through January 9

San Pedro Visitor Center
225 W. 6th Street, Downtown

National Watercolor Society Showcases the Very Best

National Watercolor Society logo

With a nearly century-old tradition, the National Watercolor Society has seen some great artists. And year after year, the continue to create breathtaking and innovative artwork.

San Pedro is home to the National Watercolor Society Gallery in Uptown Pacific Avenue where it presents its exhibitions, art classes, its permanent collection, and conducts archival work. The gallery and patio are also available for rental for special events.

It's San Pedro's First Thursday Art Walk. Highlighting Angels Gate Cultural Center's Pop Up Gallery

Paint on Wood by Beth Elliott 2017

San Pedro’s arts night out. Galleries and studios are open, restaurants have specials and entertainment.

Between 4th and 9th Streets and Palos Verdes Street and Pacific Avenue. Music at the corner of 6th/Mesa Streets.
Free guided art walk tour beginning at the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce, 390 W. 7th Street.
Begin your evening at the San Pedro Visitor Center, 225 W. 6th Street.

Community Art Machine: Improving Communities with Art and Hard Work

Community Art Machine ad

Community Art Machine’s mission is to improve communities with art and hard work. It currently has two programs underway: Machine Community Art Studio and the C.U.T.S Crew.

The Community Art Studio’s primary goal is to invite the public to create, showcase, and enjoy art. In addition it hosts various free art-related events including movie screenings, art contests and workshops.

In the Spotlight: Au Naturele Troix

John Stinson exhibition poster
Artist's statement for John Stinson's exhibition at the San Pedro Visitor Center

This month's exhibition in the San Pedro Visitor Center Gallery features the black-and-white photography of John Stinson, president of the San Pedro Art Association.

The show, entitled "Au Naturele Troix" captures the beauty and essence of nature without manipulation.

The exhibition is open during regular hours at the Visitor Center, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 4 p.m.

The San Pedro Visitor Center is located at 225 W. 6th Street, Downtown.

Parkhurst Galleries Bring World-Class Art to San Pedro

Parkhurst Galleries San Pedro 439 W. 6th Street, Downtown
Parkhurst Galleries San Pedro 439 W. 6th Street, Downtown
Parkhurst Galleries San Pedro 439 W. 6th Street, Downtown
Parkhurst Galleries San Pedro 439 W. 6th Street, Downtown

Violet Parkhurst was a remarkable person and artist.

Her seascapes are legendary, collected by more than 5 million people around the world, including four U.S. Presidents, two presidents of China, a King of Saudi Arabia, and many celebrities—Clark Gale was her first admirer.

Parkhurst paintings are on permanent collection in dozens of museums around the world including the China National Museum of Fine Art and the Stockholm Museum. She has also been on exhibit in the Louvre and Prado Museums.