Welcome to Fleet Week

Navy emblem

Welcome to Fleet Week in San Pedro, California

You can find the latest information about the official activities at

The ships will be docked along the Waterfront near the World Cruise Terminal and the sponsored entertainment will be in this area

There's so much to see and do around San Pedro while you're here for the ships

Be sure to check out our dining. We have wonderful restaurants

Battleship USS Iowa on the LA Waterfront in San Pedro

If you really want to see the best Navy ship on the West Coast, be sure to get to the USS Midway aircraft carrier in San Diego Harbor. This carefully restored ship shows the life of a sailor on an aircraft carrier that served between World War II and Operation Desert Storm.

It's a great excursion for cruise passengers when their ships call in San Diego. And it's also a nice trip down from San Pedro via Interstate highway.

Take a look at the Midway website at