It's Showtime/731-741 Pacifc Avenue Is History, Glamour, Fun

Train room at 731-741 S. Pacific Avenue
731-741 S. Pacific Avenue

Take a former department store building built during the Art Deco era, fill it with antiques, and make it a place for art, music, food, and all other good things.

That's only the beginning of how to describe It's Showtime and the 731-741 Pacific Avenue building.

Downstairs is the Speakeasy Cabaret that hosts music and other arts events.

On the main level is an array of antiques and collectibles, many of which are truly one-of-a-kind (as in literally the only one left in the world).

And there's more upstairs, including the penthouse that hosts soirees, cooking classes, and more.

There's an authentic train club car that is an outstanding and unique venue for events and gatherings.

Go and see for yourself.

It's Showtime/731-741 Pacific Avenue
731-741 S. Pacific Avenue, Uptown